Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween continued

I am one of those people who loves to carve fancy pumpkins. Every year I let the kids each pick out a pattern from the book and I carve their choice for them. Yes, it is just a pattern, but they really are challenging. Some are much easier than others. This year, Boo chose a lovely skeleton-pirate guy. He was easy. The Muss chose a spiderweb with a spider at the bottom. That one was not easy. Kiki couldn't really decide, but I had a pattern to make a Barack Obama campaign logo and she decided she liked that one.

Like I mentioned, we weren't home on Halloween so I made sure to turn off all the lights as well as the motion-sensitive flood light for the driveway before we left. Then I lit our pumpkins to show off my handiwork. Then we left and did what I told you about yesterday.

When we got home, the Barack O'Lantern was gone. I looked around a bit to discover it shattered in my neighbor's driveway and a bit into the street. Now, mind you, this was the closest pumpkin to the house. This/these hoodlum(s) had to walk past my other 2 carved pumpkins to get to this one. Barack was targeted. I was disgusted. Why can't we all just get along? Why can't we just accept others differing opinions? I have some very good friends, not to mention family who are McCain supporters. So be it, but I am not. I respect their right to support the candidate of their choice, even though I think they are blooming crazy for it. Ok, not really. Maybe just a little crazy. Ok, not crazy, but I just don't agree. At all. Not that he is a bad guy. He just doesn't speak for me or to me at all.

So, Pumpkin-Smashers, I hope you got a good laugh when you destroyed my Barack O'Lantern, but let me tell you something. I carved a new one to light as a beacon to the world tomorrow night. Election night. And I will be the one laughing then.


Carleigh said...
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Carleigh said...

Goodness gracious. Some people...