Friday, July 20, 2007

who knew it was just genetics?

They are having an around-the-world series at our local children's museum celebrating our 5 sister cities. The first Thursday night was centered around a lovely city in Japan. That exhibit and all activities surrounding it ran like clockwork. It was interesting, it was new, everyone was smiling and helpful, beautiful dancing, the crafts were fun and each child got there name written in Japanese. All the snacks tasted like fish, but hey, can't be perfect. I could not wait for the rest of the series after that night.

The second Thursday night was centered around a town in Germany. Let's just say not as clockwork-like. Not many smiles, odd activities ~ something about kicking a small soccer ball through a field of asparagus. What? There was a puppet show that featured a crocidile popping balloons twisted to look like little animals. Disturbing? Then there were to be crafts. We meandered downstairs to the craft area. There were a few little old people folding and weaving colorful papers into some sort of intricate star thing. This should be fun, it looked even more challenging than the origami from Japan night. So we stood there. And we stood there. And just for good measure, stood there a bit longer. None of the little old people looked up to ask us if we would like to do a craft, they just continued chatting among themselves and folding their little paper star things. So I told the kids they must not be ready for Craft Time yet and suggested we check out Story Time. Where no one was. It seems no one was in gear doing either Craft Time or Story Time. Also, only a few other families had straggled down only to be disappointed as well. Nothing ever came to fruition in either department, so we called it a bust and went on our way to the other regular activities that we normally visit.

Now, I could have been the bitchy mother and complained, but I had to look inside. I am German, for the most part. I am so very disorganized and a complete procrastinator. I aspire to be Organized and Neat, but it just hasn't happened for me yet. So I am thinking, maybe, just maybe it is hard-wired. Maybe there is no hope for me. Maybe I will always live on the edge of chaos.

That's it, I'm going to skip sweeping the floor and picking up the toys tonight. It is a lost battle anyway and I would rather just have myself a chilled adult beverage. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

time will tell

About 10:30pm last night the Muss comes downstairs sobbing.

Muss: I can't sleep, momma.

Me: Why can't you sleep, honey, what's wrong?

Muss: *sobs loudly* I want to go back to school.

Me: after it crosses my mind that my daughter loathes me so much that she would rather spend her day someplace other than here Well, school starts in 3 weeks, you will be there soon.

Muss: *sobs loudly again* But I really want to go back now.

Me: Well, you can't because it hasn't started yet, honey, and you know what? When you are 15-years-old and it is 6:30 in the morning and I am trying to drag your butt out of bed for school and you are yelling at me about how you don't want to get up and you hate school and never want to go back, I am totally going to remind you of this day.

Muss: That will never happen
*turns and walks back up the stairs to bed*

Anyone want to place bets on that?