Friday, May 25, 2007

path of destruction

Seems that is what Kiki was on tonight. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I do know when. I (selfishly) took, oh, about 1/2 hour to myself to peruse the latest issue of The Week that arrived today. The Muss was reading in her room and Boo and Kiki were playing in Boo's room. It appears Kiki has gotten much more destructive that I had initially though possible. She somehow managed to remove every game and puzzle from Boo's shelves and empty them onto the floor. There are (were) a lot of games and puzzles on his shelves. I'm pretty sure that Boo was giving her step-by-step instruction thoughout, but it was actually Kiki who made the mess.

His room
was clean.

Now he argues that I must help him return it to its former glory since it was not he who turned it into what it has become. He makes a valid point. If I could only cajole Kiki into doing it instead. I can usually get her to do anything for a sucker.

What? Bribing your 20-month-old is wrong?

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