Wednesday, May 23, 2007

he has had better days

Boo, that is.

I was not actually present during this event as I was at work at the time so this is told by J. He is pretty accurate in his accounts most of the time so I deem it reliable.

I came home from work today to hear a sobbing Boo up in his room and find Kiki corraled in her crib joyfully watching "boots" (Dora, the Explorer to you and me). Hmm, something is amiss is the first thing that pops into my head. I turn to the bathroom and J. on the floor with every towel we own in a sopping heap in the corner. Definitely something amiss.

Me: Ummmm, how are things, honey?
I ask this knowing full well that things are not going the best, but maybe that will ease him into the events of the morning. I can still see the steam rising from his pores so I know this is a recent occurance.

Seems J. was downstairs folding laundry when he heard what sounded like running water. He was by the washing machine so kind of checked around that area and all was well. He then went up the first flight of stairs where there is a little sink in the hallway outside the less-than-half-bathroom. There is water, for some odd reason, pouring out of a gaping hole in the ceiling (gaping hole was already there, hard to explain, but there is normally not water pouring from it). He flies up the next 2 flights of stairs to the upstairs bathroom (directly above the gaping hole with water pouring from it) to find the sink plugged, water running at full-blast and flowing out of it like a sinkhole at high tide. From what I have been told there were several inches of water all over the floor around the commode and sink. Luckily our bathroom isn't level or it would have escaped into the hallway as well.

Secretly I was hoping it had ruined the lovely peel-and-stick-shades-of-beige tile we have in there, but, sadly, it looks like they will last a while longer.

Once J. got the water stopped and surrounded by towels, he rushed back down to show the culprit the consequences of his actions. Boo, being only 4, had not realized the whole cause-and-effect thing of leaving the water on with the sink plugged. Maybe he thought that it would magically stop at the rim of the sink or something, but obviously that was not the case.

Thus, the sobbing when I got home. He had been reprimanded. And confined to his room until he cleans it up. Or learns physics.

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