Tuesday, October 16, 2007

so proud

The Muss is a fantastic student.

We had parent/teacher conferences today for our favorite 1st grader and it went swimmingly. Her teacher was beaming as she told us how the Muss is doing in each of her subjects, went over her (very subjective) report card and told us about the "extra" things she has her doing.

I guess the Muss and one other student are so far ahead in some areas (read: reading) that the teacher has them do other worksheets/projects when she is working with the rest of the class. I already knew she was doing very well with her reading, heck, she was using inflection as a 5-year-old. A lot of adults I know don't even use inflection when they read. I was fairly advanced in this area when I was younger as well. From my writing you can clearly see that it ended there and I didn't advance much past AP English in high school. I make do.

Her teacher spoke of how the Muss is always volunteering to help her and other students. How she is always smiling and always willing (and excited!) to do whatever is asked of her. She is a joy to have in the classroom.

I wish that was the same kid I picked up from school. I tease. We have our difficulties, what parent doesn't? I do know that it is hard to "keep it together" all day and so a little falling apart is necessary once she gets home. I have the same problem.

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