Monday, October 1, 2007

happy birthday to me

I'm 29 years old and I'm sticking to that.

No, really, today I turned 38. Speeding toward 40 at a rapid rate. I'm not one who is really hung up on ages, except when you mention mine. I don't feel 38 and (personally) I don't think I look 38. Whatever 38 looks like, I guess. I did that test thing at and I was only 21 yrs 8 mos old. Now, I really would not want to be 21 again, but hey, that thing is scientifically accurate, right?

I started the day by taking the Muss to school. Then headed out for a day of shopping with my mom. I have been feeling some tension in our relationship so it was really nice to spend the day with her just relaxing. I think I may have repaired some things in my head. Mothers and daughters seem to have such complicated relationships. I am a little apprehensive about the future since I have 2 of them and they both seem to have too much of me in them. I am going to surmise the teenage years will prove to be difficult.

The kids made me some very cute cards today while I was out. Boo's drew a picture of the two of us in his. The Muss wrote a long message wishing a "happy birthday to my 38-year-old mom." Thanks, I appreciated that.

My dad dropped off some flowers and a card. The cash included was very helpful in covering some of my shopping expenses from the day. J.'s mom came over, brought balloons and made dinner.

All in all a lovely day.

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