Tuesday, April 24, 2007

did I mention we have pets?

Until recently, they outnumbered the 2-legged creatures in our home. We had 3 cats, 2 goldfish and 1 dog. About 2 weeks ago, we lost the youngest of our 3 cats and 1 of our 2-year-old goldfish. The 2 deaths were completely unrelated. I think that is an extraordinarily long time for a goldfish to live. I maintain it was Claire the goldfish who died, but the Muss (they were hers) says it was Constantine the goldfish. I have always liked Constantine better, but the Muss prefers Claire. She was near insistant that we name our youngest Claire, but J. nixed that. We both watched The Breakfast Club too many times when we were young and he could not get past that "Claire is a fat girl's name" line. So when she got a fish tank for her 4th birthday, she was sure to name one of them Claire.

The dog, Trooper, is molting. Ok, I know he is not a bird, but he is leaving huge chunks of fur all over the place. He is 3/4 Newfoundland and 1/4 Black Lab and just chock full o' fur. We normally get him shaved in the spring and summer, but our groomer's husband had open-heart surgery and for some reason taking care of her husband takes precedence over bathing and shaving my dog. Oh, and trimming his nails. Selfish woman.

So my point here is really the fur. Pets shed. Not the fish, but the other 3 do. I love my pets, but I hate their fur. I am not a neat-freak. I am barely able to get my house presentable for guests most days. What I wouldn't give for a bit of OCD when it comes to cleaning *sigh*

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