Monday, March 24, 2008

easter rush

I can't believe we made it! To church, that is. It is family tradition to attend the Sunrise Service at our church on Easter morning at 6:30am. Yes, you read that correctly, 6:30am. J. & I had our phone alarms set for 5:10am (mine) and 5:30am (his) so we would not oversleep. You can probably guess what happened. So at 5:58am J. wakes up to use his inhaler because he can't breathe. I have never been so happy for his asthma as I was yesterday because at that moment he happened to look at the clock before dozing back off and had one of those oh-shit-moments.

Yes, we need to leave the house by 6:15am to squeak in at the last moment and that was, oh, only 17 minutes from now.


He quickly woke me up and somehow in my daze I got dressed and brushed my teeth, woke up the Muss, put make-up on, brushed and hair-sprayed my hair, the Muss' hair, sent her in the wake up Kiki while J. woke up Boo, brushed Boo's hair and told him to get dressed FAST. FRENZY of activity. The list goes on.

Let's pause for a brief moment and talk about Boo. Now here is a boy who cannot be rushed. Telling him to hurry is like telling a snail to hurry. He just can't ooze along amy faster. In fact, if you tell him to hurry he just short circuits and goes even slower. And he had to BUTTON. HIS. SHIRT. Thank heavens his shoes were velcro or my head would have promptly exploded into a million particles right there in the living room.

Now Kiki. Oh my. We had not done a trial run with the dress before that morning and that was an error in judgment on my part. Oh yes it was. I put the dress on her and she immediately began to writhe and scream DON'T LIKE IT! DON'T WANT THE DRESS, DON'T LIKE IT and then pulled and squirmed making it exceedingly difficult to button said dress. Then came the socks. She was no more pleased with the ruffled socks than she was with the dress and don't even get me started on the shoes. They were most definitely put on this earth to be a toddler torture device. Somehow I managed to get her dressed and ready despite all of this in about 3.5 minutes.

The Muss grabbed Easter hats and J. grabbed Boo's belt and we bolted out the door at 6:20am. The interstate was empty (shocking for a Sunday at 6:20am, I know), I put on my jewelry in the van and we made it to church at 6:32am.

Mighty impressive, I know. And we didn't look half bad.

Footnote: As I was lying on my sofa later in my food coma and exhausted from the day, my phone alarm went off at 5:10pm. Typical.

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Sancy said...

ROFL!! That darn AM vs PM thing! Great family picture, wouldn't guess you got ready so fast.